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I work for the Cleveland Botanical Garden to help save money for seminary, and today we held a Biomimicry Summit.  To be honest, before today I didn’t really know what biomimicry is, and even after today I’m a bit fuzzy.  But what I do know is that this movement helps scientists, production agencies, and innovators consider mimicking aspects found in nature to help decrease toxicity in our environment.  An example would be using water as a solvent because it is natural.

I started wondering what in our lives mimics the spiritual environment God has intended.  Are our actions more natural and pure, or are they toxic?  Do we charge ahead with making decisions, or do we do the research to figure out if what appears to be a positive choice will leave an unforseen negative impact?

A few weeks ago, I was at a conference for the Fund for Theological Education in New Orleans, LA.  The facility where we stayed did not have recycling bins, and upon further notice, I realized that most places we visited didn’t have recycling bins.  I asked one of the organizers why this was, and was shocked to learn that since Hurricane Katrina, 70 months passed before recycling was reinstated into the city.  That means there was no recycling option until a month ago.

There is nothing natural about denying a community the opportunity to be ecologically sustainable.  While I have no evidence, I am sure recycling wasn’t available because other concerns after Katrina were higher on the checklist.  But understanding that fact doesn’t change the impact of that fact, much like I understand the need for oil usage to run my car.

In the process of creating new technology, moving forward, or even rebuilding, I think it would help if Christians took a que from the biomimics and consider finding a spiritually natural way of approaching our progress instead of jumping the gun to the quick and sensational fix.  And if we must jump to that fix for our survival, then it shouldn’t take six years to put a leak in the levy damage of our repair.


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